Club Teams

Team Captains - Winter League 2018   


A Team Captain         Wendy Allen              07759 282500     Division 4 West

B Team Captain         Anne Holmes             07584299574      Division 5 West

C Team Captain         Dawn Allen                  07842 821024    Division 6 West 



A Team Captain    Martin Taylor     01905 640257      Division 3 West

B Team Captain    Claire Tomlin      07899 379567      Division 4 West

C Team Captain   Lesley Kenrick    0787 6032265      Division 5 West

D Team Captain   Alan Purchon     07866 689033       Division 5 West



A  Team Captain    Richard Goode   07790 813350

B  Team Captain    Andrew Downie  07966 493046

C Team Captain     Alan Purchon        07866 689033              

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The club is always looking for players who would like to play in a team. If you are interested in this, look out for the sign up sheet in the club at the start of each season or contact the team captain. If you aren’t sure whether a regular commitment is for you, or about your standard of play, why not volunteer to step in for a regular players absence?






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