Winter Weekend Tennis Teams - end of season report

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Our Winter Weekend teams had to wait until the end of the season and for all matches in their divisions to be played, before they knew their final finishing positions.

Weekend A's final fixture in division 2, was away at Byfield 'B'.  Eira Owen, Sue Panton, Ben Fish and Colin Mercer put up stiff resistance before going down to a narrow 3-5 defeat.   After that, it all came down to the result of Priors Marston A vs. Byfield B on the last weekend of the season.  This was a draw, which left Priors Marston A and Harbury A equal on points at the bottom of division 2 ..... once games won were taken into consideration  (a difference of 6 over the season),   Priors Marston just lifted themselves into 4th place, leaving Harbury at the bottom of the table.

Weekend B's final match was played at Harbury in extremely (even by Harbury standards) windy conditiions, against Priors Marston 'B'.  Steve Stark, Joe Robson, Jane Minchin and Clare Callaghan secured the team's first win of the season 6-2.  The league awards proints for hte number of sets won (not just matches), so this win lifted thm to 3rd place in division 4.  Then there was a wait for 2 other matches to be played - the 2 teams just below them had to play the 2 teams at the top of the table.  This time, Harbury's luck held, and although there were only 2 points between 3 and 5th place, Harbury held onto 3rd place in their division.