Tennis Club Quiz - Oct 15th 2017

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A very close Quiz was won by 2 points by Nigel Eaton (recent Harbury Doubles Champion) and his team. They scored a remarkable 84% of possible points, narrowly beating the 82% scored by Odds & Ends (Jon and Fiona Cook, Amanda Randall and Bev Walshe). The inappropriately named ‘Runners Up’ tempted fate and managed to get the Wooden Spoon! Full results shown below.

A huge thank you to all who took part, made sandwiches, donated raffle prizes, sold and tore up the raffle tickets. And especial thanks to Martin Randall for scoring so accurately and quickly, and ,of course, to Trevor Montague for yet another excellent set of questions.  The feedback on the night was very complimentary about the type, range and level of the questions, so well done Trevor!

Finally, note to myself. Must not read out the answer as well as the question!

1.   Radford Raiders 81

2.   Odds & Ends 79

3.   No Conferring 78

4.   Black Sheep 76

5.   Winter’s Wonders 72

6.   Good Night JohnBoy 65

7.   Dim & Dimmer 60

8.   DTG (Dangerous Tennis Group) 59

=9. The Icelanders 56

=9. Little Grimley 56

11. Black Widows 54

12. OK DJ 46

13. Runners Up 44

Hope to see you next year for the 5th Anniversary Harbury Tennis Club Quiz