Warwickshire Aegon Seniors Mixed Doubles

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Summer leagues have started with 3 fixtures already completed in the Warwickshire Aegon Seniors Mixed Doubles (Group E, Tier 2). In the matches against Blossomfield, LMRCA Rugby, and Edgbaston Priory the "squad" to date (Caroline Morland, Debs Brookes, Karen Bristow, Sue Panton, Steve Stark, David Bristow, Nigel Eaton, and Colin Mercer) has been very consistent, coming second with 0-4 defeats in all 3! However, there have been some very close contests and really enjoyable tennis, which is what it's all about! Caroline and Karen are pictured in the luxurious facilities at Edgbaston looking very relaxed in the pre-match tactical meeting! The Banbury League fixtures start this weekend.