Trial session. Testing tennis ability of player. Set communication levels, vision and goals for each player. Both for private 1 to 1 or Group session. Price of test lesson comes to £33 /phr. BOOK A LESSON


Tennis & Multi sport (golf, ski, basketball, ...) equipment (players, coaching equipment) for sale. Brand new and original brand Wilson (TENNIS BALLS, TENNIS RACKETS, TENNIS TRAINERS, STRINGS ...). Healthy-Tennis logo optional free on outfits as a courtesy of service. Some used equipment such as tennis rackets in stock as well (ask for details [screenshots or pictures from catalogue] and some of them can be tested if you have tennis lesson booked).


By its high revitalizing power, Quinton plasma is a virtue bomb for the body. It provides all the minerals and trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of all organ systems. 

Specifically, Quinton plasma:

~ Stimulates blood circulation: improves venous return (varicose veins, heavy legs...), headaches...,  ~ improves digestion, ~ fights against fatigue and low spirits, ~ improves the immune response, ~ gives you a boost, ~ prevents libido disorders, ~ facilitates recovery and convalescence, ~ relieves osteoarticular and tendinous disorders, ~ improves the condition of the skin: acne, eczema, psoriasis..., ~ fights against ENT disorders: sinusitis, rhinitis...fights against ENT disorders: sinusitis, rhinitis...

Ask for tester and prices on the tennis court while having your session for all products, such as Rackets, Strings, Sea Plasma, ...