Red/Orange ball Tournament

What a great afternoon!  With strong gusty winds and a dodgy forecast we were lucky that it didn’t rain on us at all.  The red ball tournament was split into girls and boys and in their groups all played all.  The girl’s group was won by Ariana and the boys group by Avesta.  The orange ball tournament was also a round robin, closely contested and finally won by Korben.  

Many congratulations to everyone for taking part, playing with a positive attitude throughout and showing us what a great group of players we have at the early stages of play.  

We decided not to light a BBQ in the windy conditions and are grateful to those who cooked the sausages for us in the kitchen.  From the speed the food disappeared I think we can safely say there were some hungry players!  

Thanks go to Will and Heather for all your hard work organising.