Who we are


Promote participation in playing Squash, Tennis and Racketball amongst people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities

The centre will provide opportunities for them to develop their playing abilities and to progress in their chosen sport.

The centre will also provide a key community wide focus and venue through additional activities including skittles, Pool , and table tennis and Netball.


·         An open and inclusive sporting and social environment, welcoming all.

·         Valuing the contribution of the clubs volunteers.

·         Responsive to the needs of club members.

·         Growth in participation.

·         Seeking best value for money.

·         Promoting sustainable development

Exec committee:

Paul Broadley.              Chairperson

Antonia Hastings.       Secretary

Derren Hotchkiss.      Accountant

Steven Potter.            Treasurer

Val Finney.                 Membership secretary

Janie Allman              Tennis chairperson

Tom Burton.               Squash chairperson

Steven Rocke.            Social chairperson