2021 Junior Coaching

Group definitions :

  • Red Ball : Aimed at ages 4-9 using a red felt ball which is 25% of the speed of a full ball. Played on a much smaller court.
  • Orange Ball : Aimed at players 8-11, 50% ball speed and court size 75%.
  • Green Ball : Aimed at players 9-13, 75 % ball speed on a full court.



Red Ball : 4-5pm

Orange Ball : 5-6pm



Red Ball : 4-5pm



Yellow Ball Performance : 5:30pm-6:30pm



Orange Ball Performance : 4:30pm-6pm

Yellow Ball : 5:30pm-7pm

Yellow Ball Performance : 7pm-8:30pm



Red Ball Intro : 9-10am

Red Ball Advanced : 9-10am

Orange Ball : 10-11am

Yellow Ball : 11am-12pm


Performance - players competing or starting to compete, training at least twice per week and preferably having weekly individual lessons.

Sessions are bookable online on the coaching tab.

Please note it is essential players are members if they want to be part of the junior coaching programme.

For any additional information please contact Head Coach Ross on 07450 640819 or [email protected].