Adult Coaching 2022

Tuesday 10-11am | Doubles Coaching | book

Coaching falls on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday in the month (with the occasional extra).  There will be the odd Friday morning coaching session too, have a look ot see if you can make one. Why not come along for an hour of doubles play & tips.

Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm | Cardio Tennis | book

Ad-hoc. Hit to the beat! With cardio style music playing you will hit with a little cardio work out. What is cardio tennis? View here 

Friday 6.30-8pm | Doubles Workshop | book

A doubles themed session, practicing different patterns of play, net interceptions, partner communications and more. On the last Friday of the month.  Courts will be divided into levels of play. 

Saturday 5-6pm | Beginner Tennis - Rally | book

If you would like to learn to rally cofidently with others, so you can maintain the flow of the game try our rally hour, looking at the contact of the ball, body postioning, movement and placement.

Saturday 6-7pm | Intermediate Tennis - HIT | book

You will need to be able to rally the ball with confidence. In this session you will HIT consistently & drilling with other players, all shots will be HIT with point play included. 

Saturday 7-7.30pm | Serve Practice | book

With baskets of balls and targets on court come for this half hour blast of hitting out on your serve. Practice the 3 spins and get tips from the coaching team to tweak your serve.