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Whatever your age or standard our head coach Sean Watson would love to see you on court. You can start with a FREE TRIAL by getting in contact; Horley@boomtennis.co.uk or 07950 802 770. 


Junior groups run between Monday-Saturday starting at 4 years old through to 16, depending on the group you want prices start at £10 per session but the more you play the cheaper it gets. All bookings are organised through TeamUp online booking software so if you want to move a session or make changes you can do it online or via app. 

JUNIOR OFFERS: Girls can sign up to a 6 week course for £35 which includes a free racket and kit! All ages can sign up to a week of holiday camps plus a month in our groups for just £40! Just drop us an email for booking info - horley@boomtennis.co.uk 


Our adult groups and individuals run every week of the year whatever the weather. Adult group coaching takes place Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evening as well as a Saturday morning. Individuals are on 7 days a week and can be taken when it suits your schedule. 


Boom Tennis booking site 

CONTACT: Sean Watson, 07950 802 770, Horley@boomtennis.co.uk