Guidance on our Club play and etiquette

  1. Members are requested by their own interests to ensure that persons other than Members and their Guests, do not make use of the court.
  2. The Court is to be used for the sole purpose of playing Tennis. Suitable shoes should be worn.
  3. On payment of the subscription fee, Members will be provided with a combination lock number to the court, log-in details for the online court booking system and a membership card. The number and login details, which are not transferable, and the card remain the property of the Club and must be returned when membership ceases. Any member who divulges the number to non-members is liable to expulsion from the Club.
  4. The online booking system is to be used to book a Court. The Court may be booked as far in advance as the booking system will allow (usually from 1 to 2 weeks). Each booking will commence on the hour for a maximum of one hour per day. Members must cancel bookings they cannot keep. Consecutive bookings by members are not allowed
  5. All Members should note and report to the Committee persons failing to take up a Court reservation or cancelling at short notice.
  6. Bookings are deemed to lapse if players are not on court within 10 minutes of the starting time.
  7. Junior Members may not play on the Courts after 6.00 p.m. on weekdays, nor at any time on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays unless accompanied by a playing adult.
  8. Visitors must be accompanied by a Member. Frequent visitors are encouraged to become members.
  9. The Club does not accept responsibility for any personal injury incurred on the Club premises or for loss or damage to property left thereon.
  10. Members are requested to report any breakage's or faults to the Hon. Secretary.
  11. Dogs may not be brought onto the courts.
  12. The court may be reserved for Club Sessions at the discretion of the Committee. Notice of this would be given, in advance, on the notice board, the website and/or the online booking system.
  13. No notices shall be posted at the Club premises without the consent of the Hon. Secretary.