HPTA Membership

We operate as an Alliance, that is comprised of multiple clubs that play at Hove Park. We would like to think we cover all the tennis needs of the community. We provide a number of membership options for either simply use of the courts, or membership to a club.
All membership options include the use of online court booking. The HPTA membership allows for 7 days advance booking, whereas a club membership allows for 14 days advance booking.


HPTA 1 Year Membership - Adult £70 / Junior £35 - Currently at full capacity. Please send an email to be added onto the waiting list. 

This membership is a cost effective way for those players that use the courts multiple times a year.  Please use the membership sign up feature below to join. Your ability to book courts will be active immediately.

Hove Park Tennis Club - £90 April to April - Accepting existing membership renewals .

The club is a competitive Parks League member; fielding 6 teams across 4 Divisions, with members from 15yrs old - 60 plus. If Hove Park Tennis Club is of interest to you, we welcome you to join us for two Club socials free of charge, which are held on a Monday and Friday from 5pm onwards. 
For any information about Hove Park Tennis Club membership, please email [email protected]


Top Cat Tennis Club - Not currently accepting new members

A Social Club with members 45yrs -55'ish who play Saturday mornings.


 Welbeck Tennis Club - Not currently accepting new members

A social club that plays regularly during the daytime mid-week; and is mainly 55yrs old and above. Only off-peak court booking is allowed.


Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding anymore information.

 [email protected]