Wednesday Night Indoor Tennis Doubles league

8 to 10pm

Are you interested in playing social doubles in a league please contact  Nick Clifford league organiser via the club on 01480 411412 to sign up


The league is open to everyone and free to all club members whose membership includes Wednesday evening.  The cost for non member is £10 per month. The structure is as follows:


1.  All players enter a league to play doubles matches with the other three players in their division.

2. Matches are played on a Wednesday evening and payers play, on average, every other week. If anyone would like to play on more Wednesdays, their names are added to a list of reserves to fill in for those who are injured, on holiday, have other commitments etc. Players contact these players to make up the four.

3. Each player plays one set with each of the other three players, first to 6 (a 6-5 score is therefore possible). Scores will be forwarded to the organiser by email and/or text.

4. Each player adds the number of games won.  The highest is promoted, the lowest is relegated and the other two stay in the same division. If a reserve is the winner, the second placed player is promoted, but if the reserve comes fourth on the evening, the original player is relegated.

5. If three sets are not fully completed, the score should be forwarded as normal. Completed sets will be reduced so that the highest score in each set is the same e.g. a completed match might be 6-3, 6-2, 6-5. An incomplete match of 6-3, 6-4, 4-2 would be adjusted to 4-1, 4-2, 4-2 to give a winner. If scores are equal, a spin will determine who is promoted or relegated.

6. The organiser will email players the mini leagues so that players know when they should play. If a player cannot play, they must ring a player on the reserve list to complete the four. If this is not done, they are relegated.

7. If only 3 turn up on the evening, the 3 play sets of 2v1 (using singles and doubles courts), to decide who is promoted. The person on their own will serve alternately and therefore serve twice as many times as the other individual players. The person who did not turn up is relegated.

8. Each round lasts for 2 weeks, so players commit to play an average of once a fortnight.

9. If you are not available to play a round or rounds e.g. holiday or injury, you will be relegated unless you find a reserve. Anyone injured long term can contact the organiser and request that they go back to their original position in the league.

10. New players will be inserted in an appropriate division, though never the top or bottom division, meaning that more than one player may be moved to another division as a result.

11. If there are 4 groups of 4 players or more at a session, they rotate, as normal during a club session (assuming 3 indoor courts are available), playing a whole set as described in #3. If numbers do not permit full sets to be completed in the session, sets may be reduced to first to 5.

12. All players must provide a phone number and an email address which will be circulated to all league members. These will be used to organise matches (by e-mail) and contact reserves (by phone). By joining the league, you have agreed to allow your contact details to be shared with everyone in the league.