April 2018 Newsletter

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Hello everyone,


It’s spring (I think….)! Had a lovely game of tennis this morning, when it felt really good to be out in the sunshine – for once not being frozen to death, rained on, buffeted by an Arctic wind, or caught out by a sudden blizzard (see above – we had a coffee and a chat instead… Keen we may be, but there are limits).


This morning was so lovely that, once home, I thought briefly about doing some spring cleaning. But I took a deep breath and waited, and sure enough the moment passed. Far more fun to sit down and pen a quick newsletter, to encourage you all to dust off your rackets and get ready for a new tennis season…


First of all, don’t forget that on Weds. 18 April your Committee will be meeting in the George & Dragon at 19:30 to do the draw for the 12 pairs of Wimbledon tickets the Club has been allocated this year. All welcome for an informal drink while we do it. (Any excuse, I hear you cry…)


Then on Bank Holiday Monday, 7 May we’ll be holding the annual McConnell Trophy Tournament, from 14:00 onwards. More details of that and a reminder nearer the time.
Other diary dates decided so far are:

1 June: start of the Summer Championships

9 September: Finals Day and barbecue

17 October: AGM


We’ve yet to set dates for our end-of-season supper and our pre-Christmas drinks, but time enough to worry about that. And there will be other events in the course of the year. As always, I’ll tell you (and remind you!) about those as and when.


Finally, I have just put in a bulk order for more tennis balls. These are chiefly for use in our club matches, but club members can buy them too (but max. 2 cans at a time please, otherwise stocks run out too quickly). I got a good deal on Head Instinct balls, and if I charge you £2.50 for a tube of four, that generates a profit of about 5p per tube for the club – which I’m sure you won’t begrudge… Get in touch if you’d like some.


Have a good year’s tennis!

Best wishes to all,



for ITC Committee