Club Policies and Documents


Diversity and Inclusion Policy

​“Diversity” means that tennis as played at Ightham must be open to everyone.

“Inclusion” means that everyone involved in the Club must be protected against exposure to discrimination of any kind whatsoever.

Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our club’s culture and the way we operate. We want a culture in which inclusive leadership thrives, and we try proactively to ensure that everyone associated with Ightham Tennis Club is valued and can achieve their full potential.

We believe it is the job of everyone involved in tennis to promote diversity and inclusion and we ask everyone playing at Ightham, individually and collectively, to become “Safe and Inclusive Tennis Champions” – proactively promoting and upholding the values described above.

We are proud to have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy. It demonstrates our commitment to these values and mirrors that of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Tennis Scotland, Tennis Wales and the Tennis Foundation.

It is fully endorsed and supported by the ITC Committee.

As stated above, our Club’s policy mirrors that of the LTA and British Tennis. Full details of the BT policy can be downloaded here at:


Reporting procedure
Anyone who has an issue over diversity and inclusion should report it in the first instance to the ITC’s Welfare Officer (see Committee list), or to the Chairman or any member of the Committee.
If this cannot be done for whatever reason, they should report their concern direct to the LTA’s Safe & Inclusive Tennis Team (020 8487 7000 or