Aged 8/9

Orange tennis is the natural progression from Red, now using a slightly larger court and harder ball.  These groups help players develop all the different shots, and provide further fun competition opportunities. Children will be given the opportunity to work through the mini tennis ratings.

Again we have 3 levels

Orange Fundamentals - Players of this age group that are new to tennis

Orange Players - Typicaly players play once group lesson a week.

Orange Stars - Players typicaly play more than once a a week and compete on a regular basis.

What ball is used?

An orange ball is used.  It has a low compression that makes it bounce    lower, giving the player better control at an important stage of their development.

What size court is orange ball played on?
Orange ball is played on a singles court of 18m x 6.5m and a doubles court of 18m x 8.23m (so the full width of the singles court) 

What height is the net?
80cm at the middle of the net.

What racket is best to use?
A racket of 58cm – 63 cm (23” – 25”) is recommended