Welcome to Kenlyn LTC

Welcome to Kenlyn

We are a small, a not for profit  community club founded in 1919, conveniently located in the Dartmouth Park area of North London. We have around 80 members and we plan to run a men’s team in the Northeast Middlesex League.

Currently the Club site is due for development by Harrison Varma  and is curremtly closesd so will only be playing as a 'wandering' club.  First phase of development  (clearance) has started . A new develpment plan was submitted to Camden Planning early in 2023. This proposesd 3 new courts and a new clubhouse, as part of a larger development of the site as a Care Home. It has been out for consultation, but no approaval has yet been given.

Meantime we are keeping the club active and registered with the LTA. We have a supporter fee of £10 per year, a Silver Supporter  rate of £20 per year and a Gold Supporter rate of £30  (Subject to the new courts opening, when a new fee will be requested ). You can go to our membership section of our website to become a Kenlyn Supporter.

Members will be updated when new information becomes available.



Special rates for Juniors

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Kenlyn LTC
Rear of Mansfield Bowling Club, Croftdown Road
Croftdown Road

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