KTCN Tennis Leaders and Level 1 Day-Sunday 7th July 9-1pm at Bromley Tennis Centre

Head coaches can send all of their tennis leaders and Level 1 coaches to receive additional training from experienced coaches in Kent. This will include building confidence with communication, reinforcing technical skills and becoming a more effective umpire/referee.


KTCN Coach workshop-Monday 15th 12.30-3pm at The Parklangley Club

Head coaches are invited to bring with them or send all of their Level 2 and above coaches, in particular those coaches who will be working on tennis camps this summer. Coaches will receive ideas on how to structure sessions for camps as well as practical ideas for content on games to develop athletic skills and drills to develop receiving and sending skills.


Next steps:

  1. If you are not already a member of the Kent Tennis Coaches Network join on
  2. Find out which tennis leaders and Level 1s are available and ask them to sign up to the FREE Tennis Leaders and Level 1 day via
  3. Sign up yourself and ask your coaches to sign up for FREE KTCN Coach Workshop via