Our practise sessions are fun, challenging and rewarding

We play games that promote racket control and body awareness to produce efficient stroke techniques. 

If you would like lessons for yourself or your children, individually or in group format please contact our Head Coach, Chris Matthews 07838 387482 or by email on  [email protected]m

Press on the link below to see a sample of players that have improved their serve technique.


  • Facilitate a programme that cultivates inspiration and well being among all players. The aim of Kinetic Tennis Coaching is to engage a broad spectrum of people making tennis their sport of choice
  • Guide each and every student toward their ‘inner Gold Medalist’. 
  • Through tennis, stimulate and nurture ambition in all areas of children’s lives.


  • Build happy relationships based on sincerity and trust
  • Be a guardian to all children by coaching with happiness, kindness and consideration
  • Guide students toward accepting their mistakes in a positive light so that efficacy can flourish
  • Challenge limiting beliefs with objective nurturing feedback
  • Record progress by using video to demonstrate improvement

Where we teach

  1. Otford Lawn Tennis Club

    Recreation Ground, High Street, High Street, OTFORD, Kent, TN14 5PQ