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"There's no substitute for a good beginning"  Vic Braden

We begin with how to learn to play tennis.  We put the player at ease with making mistakes, positively encouraging them to make them, to think objectivley, to challenge themselves in finding solutions.

When a player makes a mistake in practise, or an unforced error occurs during a match,  they need to recognise 'why' and 'how' it happened in order to  make the nessescary adjustments to keep the ball in play.

Challenging exercises and games that promote racket control, body awarness and efficient swing technique, make up the majority of our coaching sessions. Fun, Challenging, Rewarding Practise.

The better the technique, the better the strategy, the more fun had.

Please link to Kinetic Tennis Coaching Youtube Channel to see the development in various players' strokes.


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