Welcome to Kingsbridge Lawn Tennis Club

Potential New Members

Potential new Members can play free for the first occasion, then the second and third sessions are £5 each, with the £10 deducted from the annual subscription on joining.

Subsription Rates:

Child: under 11                                                                                                                                                  Free

Junior:  11 – 22 years and in full-time education                                                                                 £65.00

Junior:  11-22 years, in full-time education and signed up to KLTC Coaching School             £30.00

Adult:  18 - 74 years and not in full-time education.                                                                          £190.00

Senior: 75 – 84 years and not in full-time education                                                                          £65.00

Veteran: 85 years and over                                                                                                                          Free

Racqueteers:  £50 per person introductory offer from September 2018 to end  of March 2019.  Play during the day apart from coaching sessions of Wednesday and Friday afternoons. They may not use the floodlights or play any club sessions. They must provide their own balls.

Out of County – Home address over 50 miles’ radius from Clubhouse                                       £75

Age as at 1 April