Conditions of use

All users of the Park Tennis In Kingston facilities must adhere to the following usage conditions:

  1. Your login details must not be passed onto other households.
  2. Only tennis should be played on the courts. Football or any other activities are not allowed.
  3. Courts may be booked up to 14 days in advance for annual pass holders and 7 days in advance for pay & play bookings.
  4. Multiple bookings for clubs and groups must be sent to the Park Tennis In Kingston management by email.
  5. Court fees will be refunded if cancellation is made 24 hours prior to the booking time.
  6. The maximum number of players allowed on a court is 4 for general play and 8 for coaching.
  7. Players may use up to 8 balls per court, tennis centre coaches may use more.
  8. Annual pass unlimited tennis allows you to book 1 court per day per household for a maximum length of 1.5 hours. If you are an annual pass holder and want to play for longer, and the court is free and not booked, you may continue to play on that court. Pay & play usage must finish at the end of your booking time slot.
  9. The Park Tennis in Kingston staff have the exclusive retailing and coaching rights for the tennis courts.
  10. Appropriate sportswear should be worn when playing, with footwear and tops worn at all times.
  11. If two people think they have booked the same court please contact us on the details provided, the person’s name that appears on the online booking screen will be the person given use of that court.
  12. Please ensure you close the gate when entering and leaving the court.
  13. You are expected to conduct yourselves so that no other people are offended by your behaviour or language.
  14. Please don't walk behind another person’s court whilst a rally is in progress. Wait for the rally to end and for the players to signal that you can cross.
  15. If your ball goes onto another court, wait for player's on that court to return it; do not run onto their court unless permission is given.
  16. No glass drinks containers to be taken on court.
  17. No smoking on or nearby the courts.
  18. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult (over the age of 18) at all times.
  19. Please don't open the gate for other people to access the courts. Anyone using the courts should have their own code so will be able to access the courts that way.
  20. Park Tennis in Kingston staff have the right to ask any person misusing, or behaving anti-socially on the courts to leave.
  21. Park Tennis in Kingston reserves the right to prohibit the usage of these facilties for any person who does not abide by these terms and conditions. This will be carried out by cancellation of an annual pass or blocking of pay & play bookings with no refund given.