Access to grounds, courts and clubhouse

Ground access

A security access card is required to gain access to the School grounds. This is available to members from the Membership Secretary.  Car parking is available adjacent to the courts or elsewhere on the school grounds. There is no access to the grounds, clubhouse  or courts during the school day.

Court access

On school days, the school has use of the courts during the day and the Club has access from 5.00pm.  At weekends and in the school holidays, the Club has access from 9.30am. Access is restricted to members of Knaresborough King James's Tennis Club.

Organised Club activities have priority over self-organised play at all times.

The clubhouse and top courts are kept locked when not in use, except on midweek evenings in term time. A key which opens both clubhouse and top courts is available to members over 16 years of age on payment of a £5 deposit to the Membership Secretary. A key to the bottom courts is kept in the clubhouse.

Tennis balls are provided FREE-OF-CHARGE. Please return to the clubhouse after play. 

The control panel for the floodlights is in the Ladies changing room. Use of the floodlights is FREE-OF-CHARGE. 

If you are the last to leave, please ensure that balls are returned to the clubhouse, the courts are locked, the clubhouse is locked with the blinds drawn, and the floodlights are switched off.

Court programme chart

To see programmed court usage, click onto the court programme.