Terms and Conditions of Use

MADOCH CENTRE MUGA hire - Standard terms and conditions


We request that all users treat this facility with respect and leave it litter free and ready for use by following users

  1. The letting is made on the basis that the Madoch Centre accepts no responsibility for any injury, damage or loss incurred.
  2. The user making the booking will be held responsible for the players and supporters during play.
  3. For their own protection hirers are encouraged to have their own insurance and carry a first aid kit.
  4. Groups delivering children’s activities are responsible for holding appropriate qualifications and safeguarding policies and procedures.  (Madoch Centre reserve the right to see copies of these).
  5. Any damage to the MUGA must be reported to Madoch Centre staff, and costs of any repairs chargeable.
  6. All groups using the MUGA must adhere to their start and finish times.
  7. We request users keep noise to a minimum and no bad language to avoid disturbance to neighbours.


  1. Bookings would ideally be made 48 hours before the session.
  2. Payment is required at the time of booking.
  3. Tennis court bookings made on the Clubspark page can be cancelled there.
  4. To cancel other bookings please contact the Madoch Centre – hire fee will be charged if booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking.


  1. Limited supply of sports equipment is available to hire.  For costs and availability of equipment hire please enquire at the Madoch Centre.
  2. Any damage to Madoch Centre equipment will be charged to the hirer.

All users must adhere to the following rules while on the court:

- Wear clean appropriate footwear – Trainers only

- Keep surface free from mud, leaves, weeds, and debris

- Keep gate closed while play in progress

- Take care when moving equipment

- Children under 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult

Absolutely No...

...chewing gum, smoking, food or drinks (except water)

...animals inside the fence

...spectators on the playing surface

...cycles, skateboards or roller blades

...Plastic or metal studs, blades or spiked shoes

…climbing the perimeter fence.


Although the Madoch Centre inspect the playing surface at regular intervals, it is essential that all users of the MUGA inspect the surface prior to using the court and remove any foreign objects found.

The Madoch Centre will not accept any liability for injury to any person or persons making use of the MUGA irrespective of the cause or causes.

Hirers and users failing to follow the rules, term and conditions may be declined future bookings.