Book a court

For club members when booking a court please take into account:

  • The booking window for members opens 14 days in advance,
  • A member is allowed to make one booking per calendar day,
  • A member is allowed to book a maximum of a 2 hour slot,
  • Doubles play takes priority over Singles play at peak times. Consider booking Singles play at non-peak times. Peak times generally run from 6-8pm on weekdays and 8am-12pm on Sundays.

Courts are currently block booked based on anticipated demand for social nights 6pm - 8pm (Monday - Mixed, Tuesday - Mens, Wednesday - Ladies). During these times members are still able to come down to the club and play if there is a court available.

For Pay+Play visitors court availbility is offered at non-peak times. Please note you will need your own rackets and balls. If your booking is after dark currently our floodlights are not integregted into the booking system so we ask if you could use the contact us form to notify us of your booking and we will ensure someone is avialable to turn on the floodlights.

Please see below links to useful information to assist with your visit for both members and pay+play visitors;

Car Park Access : If you find the gates to the club are closed, they will not usually be locked, so just come in and play.  If they are padlocked, there is a key safe behind the post to the right of the gates.  The access code is included in your booking confirmation.  Input the code and turn the knob to open the safe.  If you experience any difficulty or mis-key the code use the black slider button to clear the entry, leave it for a few seconds and try again. PLEASE RETURN THE KEY TO THE SAFE AND LOCK IT. 

Court Access : Included in the booking confirmation above is your access code which should be input into the gate adjacent to the clubhouse, the code is active 10 minutes before your booking if you arrive early. Please make sure to play on the correct court as chosen in your booking.

Floodlights: If your booking included floodlights these will come on prior to your booking to ensure they are warmed up for your start time. If you want to extend your booking please do this prior to the end of your booking as the lights take 20 minutes to warm up again.

Refund Policy: Refunds can be requested up to 4 hours before your scheduled booking and will be processed automatically following cancellation of your booking. Refunds for inclement weather will be considered in exceptional circumstances but we would encourage you to plan ahead and cancel if necessary.

If you have any queries or issues please contact us