Mansfield Lawn Tennis Club has a variety of membership options available to suit everyone.  We do have a pay and play situation particularly for juniors on a Saturday morning, with some limited access to focus group training without being a member.  However, please note that after a period of 6 weeks within a focus group setting, there is a requirement that participants become members at the rate prevailing at the time.

Being a member of the club gives you free access to the club and it's facilities every day of the week although matches do take priority regarding court useage.  If you are a junior member, then you are able to access our facilities free of charge and play with any other member of your family (even if they themselves are not members) up until 6pm any day of the week. 

If you are interested in more than just social play and would like to take part in club matches, you are only able to do this if a fully paid up member of the club. 

However -

**Please note that if your membership is a visitor or temporary basis, you are not eligible to play matches.

**For the purpose of membership, age is at 30th April, 2017

Membership forms can be found in the clubhouse, please call down and pick one up or contact our membership secretary - details on the contacts page.  We are looking to upload the forms onto our webpage shortly for convenience. 

Thank you. 

Type of Membership Criteria Voting Rights Annual Subscription 1 May - 30 April 2018 New member rates from 1st September 2017 New member rate from 1st January 2018 
Adult Age 18+ Yes £154.00 £103.00 £51.00
Senior Age 65+ Yes £88.00 £59.00 £29.00
Super Senior Age 80+ Yes Free Free Free
Junior A Age < 7 (i.e. 6 years and under) No £23.00 £15.00 £9.00
Junior B Age <11 No £43.00 £29.00 £15.00
Junior C Age <18 No £50.00 £34.00 £17.00
Student In full time higher education (Age 18+) Yes £70.00 £47.00 £24.00
Country Living greater than 20 miles from the club Yes £106.00 £71.00 £36.00
Distance Living greater than 50 miles from the club Yes £52.00 £36.00 £17.00
Family A 2 parents (at same address) & children <18 Parents £307.00 £205.00 £102.00
Family B 1 parents & children <18 Parent £166.00 £111.00 £55.00
Social   No £15.00 £15.00 £15.00
Visitor** Max 3 visits - £5.00 per visit.  Can be deducted from subsequent membership rate - applies to new members only No £5.00 £5.00 £5.00
Temporary ** Maximum 8 consectutive weeks (i.e. NOT one in March, 3 in April and 4 in July for example) No £15.00 per week £15.00 per week £15.00 per week