Ace your game at Market Drayton Tennis Club. All ages, all levels welcome!

Calling all tennis enthusiasts, from the young to the young at heart! Whether you're a budding junior or an adult looking to reignite your passion for tennis, our coaching programme is designed just for you.

Tailored coaching for every age group: Our coaching team is well-versed in creating engaging sessions for both children and adults. Whether you're introducing your child to tennis or brushing up on your own skills, our coaches customise lessons to suit all age groups.

Individual sessions available: Unlock your tennis potential with one-on-one coaching sessions designed just for you!

The first session is free! Come and meet our coaches Ollie Gwilt and Matt Weaver from Inspire2Coach.

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Click on the link or image below to book your free session today.

For more information call Matt Weaver on 07957 411840 or email Simon Haddleton from Inspire2Coach at for all enquiries relating to junior, adult group and individual coaching