LTA Tennis Leaders Courses

NEXT COURSE: 28th April 2024, 9.30am to 1pm

VENUE: Bamford Tennis Club, Derbyshire

BOOKINGS: CLICK HERE (Bookings now closed)

This exciting course will be run by at least one professional tennis coach qualified to level 3 (Accredited Plus) minimum. Suitable for approximate ages 13-16 (School years 9, 10, 11) it will contain a minimum of 2 modules which will include a core module delivered at Bamford Tennis Club: 9.30-1.00 pm on Sunday 28th April and an elective module at the club of your choice. This will include one hour assisting the coach. Ideally this will be completed within a month of the core module.

1 Core module (Three and a half hours)

This will cover areas such as communication, professionalism, self-belief, teamwork, problem solving and self-management. It will highlight the importance of being a positive role model and setting high expectations.

Content will include:

  • Warm up activities
  • Activities with the body and ball such as movement, catching, coordination.
  • Activities with the racket and ball (e.g tap up tennis, floor tennis)
  • Games (e.g rallying to points with a partner, hitting into a target area)
  • Reflection activities with the coach

2 Electives (1 hour each) of which you do one:

Either assisting a coach under guidance or helping at a competition

3 Completing a workbook (1 hour)

Total cost of the course: £40. To register please sign up as soon as possible on the link below as numbers will be capped.

What do I get from the course?

A leadership qualification from SLQ Sports Leaders

Beginning a pathway to sports leadership allowing you to help at tennis coaching sessions, holiday camps etc

LTA Youth T-shirt

Valuable experience in leadership of young people

If you require any further information please contact the event organiser, Paul Dickinson on