1st team



Our first 7pm home match and with all the net belts on, biscuits bought and squash chilling in the fridge (as we actually had rather a warm evening for a change!!)...the 1st team were back to full strength & raring to go! The half way stage saw us get to 6-2 & with just 3 sets to get to win it...Jenny & Rachel were off court within half an hour & 2 bagels in their pockets!! The bad news is they had to get on with making the tea & washing the dishes!! Rachel was the 'Star of the Day' with only 3 games dropped!! The best of the season yet! Well done Rach'. Also a solid performance from Pete Roberts who managed to survive his 'Tough Mudder' over the weekend despite bruises & cuts (so brave!) All in all a solid performance from all 1st team players with a brilliant FINAL RESULT of 12-4 to MAWDESLEY! 




Rain postponed play on Monday 15th May. It was rescheduled for Saturday 20th May when it still rained heavily throughout the Mixed stages. The team were missing Kath, Rachel & Pete but drafted in Lesley Richardson, Jane Bland & in the end, Andrew Regan who was only given 5 minutes to get there as a result of Jamie Richardson being caught up in stationary traffic on the motorway for over 3 hours. Dave Broadbent kindly agreed to 'step in' after doing a nightshift with just 5 mins sleep under his belt but was unfortunate enough to get a puncture on the way. With kick off less than 10 mins to go Andrew very kindly pelted along the A59 on what started as a wet, miserable afternoon.

Half way through, we were all soaking wet with the score at 4-4.Suzanne's lens dropped out of her distance glasses & was patched up with a plaster (which was not a good look!) which really summed up the whole affair. Ormskirk were very hospitable and Chris was even propositioned by an Ormskirk player to compete in the vets over....0's Lancashire Counties Event in the Summer!! Clearly Chris was the impressive one despite the conditions!! Hats off to a very gritty 1st team who managed to stave off some strong competitive tennis from the Ormskirkians within a very unusual set of circumstances just to even get a team out! Oh yes the result...A DRAW!! After all that but probably really quite fitting!!

W/C 8 May

Mawdesley 1 BEAT Southbank 15-1.

A fantastic result from the first team with only 1 set lost overall!
Individual performances were exceptionally high from everyone!
James Hitchco lost the least amount of sets with solid points played in both mixed & levels. Pete Roberts also had an excellent ratio of win to loss remaining remarkably steady throughout! I don't think he hit the back fence once...well, maybe once!
Chris Warby was about to steal the show with a defensive 'hot dog' shot & whilst we all held our breath hoping he would win the point it disappointingly ended up on court 4... From court 3. One for the first teamers to practise maybe as they try to chase down lobs whilst at the net! Jenny Weaver & Rachel Schofield also had a convincing win in the ladies doubles coming off court first...which is a good thing as they had tea & biscuits ready & prepped for the rest of us!
Big thanks to Joy Moon for the half time fruit 'pick me up'! Worked a treat!
Well done first team!! 


W/C 1 May

First AWAY match against top of the table Aughton resulted in a very good WIN for the team only losing 3 sets for the 2nd week in a row.
Opposition was tougher than the result may suggest with some close sets so Captain Suz' was super proud of the way her team handled their opponents. Experience & grit counts for a lot in these circumstances & the team accounted well for themselves in this regard.
James Hitchco, Chris Warburton & Suzanne Rath got 4/4 with James keeping a level head against a very powerful,young, left handed lad who had a phenomenal serve speed together with tricky placement. James was the more consistent & calm on the day assisted by the wily Chris Warburton who's matchplay became more dominating & confidant as the match progressed.
Kath Thow was superb in fading light in the 2nd set helping to turn the set around after a slow start.
Gez Weaver made an impressive 2017 debut picking up 3 very important sets remaining solid & reliable throughout.
A great start after 2 matches for the firsts. Well done!
W/C 24/04/2017

1st Team vs. Blundellsands (H):

Result:- 13-3 WIN!!πŸŽΎπŸ˜ƒπŸŽΎ



Very very windy conditions against a premier team just relegated from the first division. 
Woolly hats, gloves, scarves & thermals replaced tennis dresses shorts & T's!! Typical first match seasonal start!!
Good spirits from both teams despite appalling conditions.
New pairings all round with Michael Greenaway making his debut & picking up an impressive 3 sets! He also got on a 10pm train back to Liverpool so great dedication as apparently a young Pete Roberts frequently used to do back to Sheffield Uni circa...19......????
The ladies picked up all 4 sets with Rachel Schofield starting in the firsts for the first time in a few years & in fact picked up an impressive 4/4 as did Jenny Weaver & Capitan Suz'!!
Super proud of my team with good banter in the pub afterwards with the usual fight for the egg sandwiches!