Tennis Ladder


The concept of a tennis ladder is simple. Players are arranged much like the steps of a ladder. The idea is to be at the top of the tennis ladder. Players simply challenge each other (their higher opponent) to a match, then the winning player takes the place of their higher ranked opponent, thus "leap-frogging" them.

Ladders are a blast. They are a great way to meet new players and improve match playing skills.

Our current tennis ladder players, in order:

Tom Harris

Charlie Moor

Ruben Mayani

Amaris Stanford

Alina Bisericanu

Tom O'Hara

James Rix

Felicity Brathier

Jemma Marais

Angel Mendel

Alice Warden

Amber Oakes

Jasmine Paul

Euan Sibley

Ben Jones

Freddie Jourdan-Brown

Mariam Chamsi-Pasha



Upon sign up to participating in the tennis ladder, parents must be in agreement to their name, email and/or telephone number being shared with other parents to enable matches to be organised. 

Submission of match results - results are to be emailed to Michael Fairburn, 

The ladders will be updated regularly on the Riseley Tennis Club website.



- A player can challenge any other player 1 or 2 places up and can challenge or be challenged by a player 1 or 2 places below. The winner moves into the position of the loser only if the loser was placed higher than the winner prior to the match.

- Upon challenging or being challenged, the match must be played within 2 weeks. The challenger will respond to a challenge within 3 days. If a player cannot play the match or fails to turn up (ladder organiser will take mitigating circumstances into account), a win is awarded to the other player.

- You cannot challenge or be challenged by the same person back to back. You must wait at least 14 days

- Any player forfeiting twice will automatically drop to the lowest position on the ladder. Playing no matches in a 30 day stretch will also result in a drop of 2 places on the ladder.

- All matches are best of 3 sets. In the event of 1 set all, the 3rd will be a 10-point championship tiebreak (finishing 2 points clear), changing ends every 6 points. 

- Once a challenge has been set no other challenges can be taken on until the match has been cancelled, forfeited, or played and the results submitted