What is My Player Map


My Player Map is a progress tracker which charts a player's journey through a term with DRH Sports. Each Mini Tennis player will receive their map in their first class, the map comes with a plastic wallet and lanyard to keep it safe. Make sure your child writes in their name and group on their first day of term!

How does it work?

A player's map will build up as they progress through a term. They will earn attendance stickers each week and will be scored on their rallying, serving and racket skills twice a term. As well as this, players will be rewarded for their attitude and for completing various other tennis related activities throughout a term such as: attending matchplays; having individual lessons; attending half term camps and for freeplay with their friends and family!   

Who is My Player Map for?

Every Mini Tennis Player in our programme will get their very own player map. Our vision for the player map is that over the years a player will complete and collect maps from their days at Mini Red … all the way through to Mini Green! It will show every player's individual tennis journey! Player Maps for our CLUB started in January 2018 and have been an awesome success! We can't wait to introduce the maps for our Development and Team in April 2018!

What do we hope the Player Maps will achieve?

We hope, as a result of the Player Maps, that our mini players will grow their own personal desire to improve their tennis. When the motivation comes from the players themselves, that is when progress can really happen. Tennis is a tough skill sport to learn so finding a way to reward and track improvement is vital to keeping players motivated