Covid-19 update August 2020


Following the Government announcement at the weekend that tennis can be reopened for social distanced play, we have reviewed the LTA guidance that was issued this afternoon in detail at a virtual committee meeting that we held this evening.

We are very mindful as a club that our wellbeing of members and club coach has to be paramount in our decision to reopen and the additional safety measures that we have agreed to put in place are to minimise risks as far as possible.

We are delighted to announce to members that our courts are now open for MEMBERS ONLY, subject to the following procedures being adhered to:

1.    All members need to have read and digested the LTA player guidance before coming to the club. In particular around using own balls (mark and only touch your own), not going onto other courts, and other safe distancing recommendations.

2.    Members attention is drawn to the government guidance which should be read in conjunction with this in particular the reference in the LTA guidance to clinically vulnerable groups. Section 8 of the government guidance.

3.    Members can play singles or doubles.  Doubles must be careful to ensure social distancing (and consider agreeing in advance which player will go for the middle of the court ball).

4.    All courts need to be booked in advance through Clubspark.  Please keep a record of your opponent each time, should this be required in future for contact tracing purposes.

5.    Courts will be locked when not in use.  Please use hand sanitiser before and after locking/unlocking.  Any new members needing a key, please contact Cris.  Please also ensure the gate is kept open when unlocked so that other members don’t have to touch the lock or gate.

6.    PLEASE SWEEP the courts after play, but use the hand sanitiser provided before and after use.

7.    The clubhouse is CLOSED except for the use of floodlights – please ensure you use toilet facilities at home before you arrive.  

8.    The first aid kit has been moved to the balcony in case of emergencies.

9.    Do not go onto the balcony except in an emergency to access the first aid kit

10.    Try not to change ends, however if you do then please switch ends in a clockwise direction and maintain social distancing of minimum of 2 metres.

11.    Only players aged 14 and upwards can use the courts unsupervised.  

12.    Spectators are discouraged, however if you need to spectate, please ensure this is only done from the playing field.

13.    Do not touch nets.  These have already been measured for you.

14.    Players should wait out on the playing field (at least 2m distance from each other) until the court is empty and available for play.

15.    James is now open for individual lessons, with group lessons resuming in September.

16.    There is no social tennis (this includes club night and day time social tennis) at this time.

17. We have not placed any restriction on the amount of times that members can book for now, however this will be kept under review so that there is availability for as many members as possible.  We ask that members are sensible about the amount of time that they are playing in order for everyone to have a chance of play if they wish.  As always if you have a court booked that you will no longer use, please cancel it.

I know this is a lot of additional rules and procedures, however we are very keen to open as fully as possible within the current guidelines and protect our members.  We will be keeping these procedures under continual review, if members have any concerns or comments, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you on court shortly!

Minchinhampton Committee