Welcome to Newcastle Parks Tennis

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Interested in playing tennis? Newcastle is home to 22 tennis courts, across Exhibition, Leazes, Armstrong, Paddy Freeman's, Gosforth Central, Nuns Moor, and Elswick Parks.

Where you can find us

Here are the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Parks Tennis locations. To visit, select a location.

  1. Armstrong Park

    Heaton Road, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Northumberland, NE6 5HP

  2. Elswick Park

    Beech Grove Road, Newcastle, Northumberland, NE4 6RS

  3. Exhibition Park

    Exhibition Park, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Northumberland, NE2 4PZ

  4. Gosforth Central Park

    Moor Road North, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Northumberland, NE3 1AD

  5. Leazes Park

    Richardson Road, Newcastle, Northumberland, NE2 4BJ

  6. Nuns Moor Park

    Nuns Moor Park, Fenham, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, NE4 5PA

  7. Paddy Freemans Park

    Freeman Road, High Heaton, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Northumberland, NE7 7AH