Help stay in touch with a new Club WhatsApp Group

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Have you ever:

  • not been sure if anyone else is going down to a club session?

  • lost a playing partner at the last minute and needed a replacement?

  • wanted a game but have no one to play with?

WhatsApp can help. 

The club would like to set up two NCTC WhatsApp groups to help members stay in touch with each other, make new contacts and to self-organise. All members are invited to join.

  • NCTC Members Adults WhatsApp Group

  • NCTC Members Junior WhatsApp Group

If you’d like to join either group then please email [email protected] with your name and mobile phone number. Please indicate which group you would like to join.

Please note, as required as part of the Club's safeguarding responsibilities the "Junior" WhatsApp group is for the parents of juniors (anyone below the age of 18) and the number must be for the mobile phone of the parent not the child.

All WhatsApp groups require one or two users who administer the group. If you'd like to help administer a group then please indicate this in your email.

If you’re not sure what WhatsApp is, or how a WhatsApp group can help the club, then there is some more information below including an additional link to an online resource.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an application that:

  • typically runs on your mobile phone

  • can be downloaded for free

  • is usually cheaper than texting because it uses the internet rather than your mobile network

  • provides functionality similar to text messaging

  • allows individuals to collaboborate and communicate via groups

What is a WhatsApp Group?

  • a WhatsApp group is usually created by a user who then invites other users with a common interest to join the group

  • the creator of the group is usually a group adminstartor

  • other users can be added as administrators at a later date

  • all administrators have the ability to invite other users into the group.

  • all members of the group can broadcast important meassages to other members of the group

  • individuals can leave a group at any time.

How can a WhatsApp Group help the Club?

WhatsApp is really good at helping individuals collaborate and communicate via groups. Communicating via group means that important messages can be communicated to the entire group and no one is left out of the conversation. Importantly, anyone with a mesasge can broadcast it to the group.