Programme info

Group Tennis Lessons

All my tennis lessons are booked at . You can find details including pricing of the current sessions for different age groups at the junior coaching page on the nwtennis website.  We will advise which is the most suitable group to begin with. 

Bookings and payments are taken in advance of the first session of the block. Bookings are usually for ½ terms during state school terms and occasionally for a full term dependent on the school weeks. 

There are no refunds if you miss a session. If your child has an injury that takes them out for a number of weeks we will credit you for the sessions missed. If we have to cancel a session because of bad weather then we will credit you for the following term. When cancelling a session, you will receive an email from the booking system – please check junk emails.  This will also be posted on the Nick Williams Tennis Facebook page (see details below). 

The content of the sessions focusses on the fundamentals of tennis such as serving, rallying and volleying. We play fun games at the end of each session. We have a regular competition week. 

Playing tennis once a week in a group is a good starting point and if players continue with this then they will become a competent tennis player who can play in a club setting later in life. To take the next step up we advise taking individual lesson as these are much more technically focused to maximise skills. 

Individual Tennis Lessons

These are possible.  If you are interested in these sessions please contact me for current pricing and availability. These sessions are great for fast tracking progress. Players that regularly take individual lessons and group lessons will be on track to play competitive tennis in the future. 

NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - unlike tennis club coaching programmes, there is no membership fee to pay before playing. 

Holiday Camps

During Easter and Summer we have childrens holiday camps. For current information please visit

Keeping in touch

Website: – bookings

Facebook: Nick Williams Tennis – video coaching tips, weather updates, constantly updating news

Email: [email protected] – please check your junk emails regularly as often emails from this address go into junk email with Hotmail and gmail accounts. Please add to safe sender list.