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Playing and Staying Safe

We are delighted to be able to open again and we are committed to ensuring the safety of our members. This means that we will be enforcing strict social distancing measures, as outlined below, and will not be running club socials or tournaments until otherwise advised.

Please respect and follow our guidelines and advise us of any concerns (email

In line with current LTA advice, if you do decide to play:

You must pre book your court online, either on the website or using the Booker app. Do not visit the club if you have not booked a court.

Play is limited to singles only. Doubles may only be played with members from the same household.

Hard courts one, two and three may be booked for singles or doubles with household members only. Court four may be booked for use of the practice wall.

Play is only allowed during daylight hours. Floodlights can not be used until further notice.

Entrance and exit to the courts is across the grass using the marked out paths. The entrance path is coded in green and red, and the exit path is blue. 

Please close and lock all gates when you leave, including the main gate to the club if you are the last person to leave.

When you arrive at the club, wash your hands in the outside toilet using soap.  The toilet is being regularly disinfected.

Wash your hands again with hand gel before you step on court and when you leave court.

Avoid touching your face at all times and try not to touch any surfaces.

Clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets, cones and tennis balls, with the disinfectant provided. 

No seating or benches are allowed on court.

Keep a safe distance of 2 metres between each other and consider wearing gloves or using your personal marked tennis balls when serving.

Do not change ends during play.

Ensure that there is no physical contact at all between players.

Do not allow racket sharing or use of communal rackets.

Use new balls for each session.

Once play has finished players must leave the club promptly.

If a player becomes unwell after playing they should first contact their GP and then inform the club.  There is a first aid kit on the Ace Bar for minor injuries.

No other unnecessary extra-curricular or social activity should take place. 

There is no access to the clubhouse.

Individual coaching sessions can be booked with David Lovejoy (07779 593858). You can also purchase balls from David at £5 a tin (exact money or on-line payment only).

We will be reviewing our guidance constantly, in line with changing advice on the LTA website and with current and evolving Government advice, and updating the website accordingly.

Be aware that this advice may change at very short notice and so should be checked at ahead of every session.

Please do stay safe and support each other as much as possible, in these continuing difficult and unprecedented times.