Yoga @ Norbury Park LTC

Yoga Sessions at Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club


Sessions are suspended during the Christmas break and will resume in January.

Please register with the link below and joing the whatsapp group where sessions are announced.


We are offering free Yoga Sessions by our fellow player Giulio Vuolo.

Giulio is 57 and has been practising yoga since 2011 and qualified as yoga teacher in 2019. He taught at the Streatham Common GP Practice in 2019 and 2020 and sadly stopped when the pandemic started. He has been practicing at NPLTC since September 2023.

The session style is gentle and relaxing, following an established practice with a long tradition, and it is suitable for people of different abilities and levels, including proficient yogis. Sessions will last 60 minutes initially and include warm up, breathing exercies, a set of postures, and a most important final relaxation. The intent is to give you energy and serenity with each class and to enable you to establish your own regular practice.

How to Join

Please use this form to register and give your details, fitness and injury information, and to accept conditions: Registration Form

To book sessions and for updates on classes please join the WhatsApp group: Yoga @ NPLTC WhatsApp

Although sessions are free, or better "priceless" 🙂 , we ask you to commit to at least 2 sessions a month and be at the session 10 minutes before the start time.

What do I need?

Please bring your yoga mat.

An additional layer or a blanket is also recommended for the final relaxation.

Current classes are on

Sunday 9:00-10:00

Monday 19:00-20:00

Time and dates can occasionally change, updates will be on the WhatsApp group above.


Looking forward to all that stretching which will help to keep you pain free and playing !!