Playing Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of all players, members and casual users, to be familiar with and adhere to our Club rules and policies which are on display in the clubhouse and on the website.

We are an inclusive club and will not tolerate discrimination of any sort.

All players play and use these facilities at their own risk and must take responsibility for their own safety. It is the players’ responsibility to decide if the courts are safe and fit for use. The Club cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage, howsoever caused.

There is a First Aid Box in the Club house; if anything is used please inform a committee member so it can be replaced. In case of an accident please inform a committee member as soon as possible.

If you notice any damage or are concerned about any of the facilities please inform a committee member or contact the club here.

Court Booking – to use the courts you must make a booking via the website. Please ensure that if you do not require your booking that you cancel it as soon as possible via the website.

Members are entitled to bring guests onto court, subject to paying the appropriate fee. Any guest playing 4 times are expected to join the club, and it is the member’s responsibility to ensure this happens.

Black soled shoes, or any footwear likely to mark the court, MUST NOT be worn on court.