Singles Ladder - Latest Table and Results

Want to play lots of singles matches? We have a fully automated singles ladder operated on the global tennis network. You start at the bottom and can usually challenge six places above you and 4 places before, but when you first start, you can challenge anyone! If you win you replace the person you beat and they move down one place. The full rules and how to join can be found here

Junior Competitions

We have an extensive range of competitive opportunities for Juniors, including

  • Aegon Team Tennis for most age groups (National Club League)
  • Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green teams in Warwickshire Leagues (September - March)
  • We annually host LTA Events with a Summer Grade 4 & regularly Grade 5 tournaments
  • Junior Club Championships

Senior League teams

Coventry and District League

We currently run 5 men’s teams in the Coventry and District League. Each team consists of 2 doubles pairs. Matches are played between late April and early August and usually consist of 14 matches, each opponent played home and away.  Matches are best of three sets with the third set being a match tie break (first to 10 points).

Coventry League Website (Mydivision)


Rugby League

We also have 1 men's team in the Rugby League, which differs only in that each match is only 2 sets long without the match tie break. Our team were Division 1 champions in 2018 and 2017


We also have a Mixed team in the Rugby league. They finished top of Division 2 in 2015 and have been in competing in Division 1 of the Rugby Mixed league every year since

Rugby League Website


Aegon Team Tennis (National Club League)

We have one men’s team in the Warwickshire County Division 2. Matches are played between April and August and consist of singles and doubles matches.

Aegon Team Tennis Website


Winter Veterans League

We have one team in the Warwickshire Winter Vets league. All home matches are played on Saturday mornings under the same rules as the Coventry League.