Covid-19 Guidance

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The guidance has been updated from the Government and LTA in regards to how we can play at the club, please read through the following to ensure you are up to date with the restrictions at the club:


🎾 Ensure 2 metre social distancing is maintained at all times

🎾 You can now play doubles at the club, you can be from different households but must maintain the 2 metre social distancing at all times

🎾 Only use your own racket and tennis balls

🎾 Avoid changing ends or change at opposite sides of the net

🎾 No shaking hands or physical contact with other players

🎾 Allow others to leave before you enter the court, wait away from the gates to maintain the 2 metres distance

🎾 Follow public health guidelines for hygiene, use hand gel/wipes/antibacterial spray on your hands, padlocks, handles etc when at the club

🎾 Do not play if self isolating

🎾 If you start showing signs of covid 19 please follow the guidance given by the Government

🎾 Please do not use the benches as these surfaces are not able to be cleaned as effectively

🎾 You can only have access to the clubhouse for use of the toilets and first aid kit. The kitchen and ball cupboard are off limits for the foreseeable.