OTC v OTT challenge

Oswestry Tennis Club challenged Oswestry Team Tennis to a friendly match on OTC courts to offer both sets of young players match play opportunity.

The OTC team were represented by four young ladies, Rebecca Hollywell, Jess Hann, Maisie Anderson and Nina Harney whilst OTT were represented by four young men; Sam Sperring, Jeffrey Li, Matei Balasa and Lucas Haralambous.

The first rubbers saw Rebecca and Jess victorious against Matei and Lucas whilst Sam and Jeffrey beat Maisie and Nina. So 1 rubber all.

In the deciding reverse rubbers Sam and Jeffrey beat Rebecca and Jess leaving Maisie and Nina requiring to beat Matei and Lucas to secure a draw. In an intriguing topsy-turvy rubber, the boys won the first set 6-1 and the girls won the second set 6-1 to take it into a third set deciding championship tie break. Matei and Lucas held their nerves to take it, and the match for OTT.

The clubs hope to repeat the challenge later in the summer.