Vision Academy

The Tennis Vision Academy has been set up to aid those players who wish to reach their full potential.


Players on the Academy must be accessing 3 experiences of tennis a week.  This should include 1 individual (30/60/90minute) lesson as well as at least 1 Vision Academy Squad.  The rest could be made up of Fun Friday, playing with parents etc.


Academy Coaching Sessions

Senior Academy Sessions (Age 15+)

Senior Academy Thursday 18.30-19.30


Junior Academy Sessions (Age 11-15)

Junior Academy - Saturday


Junior Academy Session (Age 12-14)

Junior Academy - Thursday 18.00-19.00


Mini Green / Junior Academy (Age 9+)

Mini Green / Junior Academy - Monday


Mini Red / Orange Academy (Age 5-9)
Mini Red / Orange Academy - Wednesday

Academy Camps



For Individual lessons, please contact myself (07764748133) or one of the coaching team.


Tennis Vision Leadership Academy

The Tennis Vision Leadership Academy provides an environment for those interested in coaching to develop their personal and professional skills through our programme.  Continuoius development training is provided as well as voluntary and paid work, so that the young leaders can enhance their CV as well as gain vital experience.


Our next Young Leaeders Award is on Wednesday 13th April, from 13.00-16.00.  Please click here to book the Young Leaders Award

The course is aimed at those who are 12 years plus. 

For more details please contact Chris Thelwall on 07764748133


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