Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

The  tennis courts are on a Parish Council owned facility which is shared between Tennis Club Members and members of the public. A number of hours per week are allocated for Tennis Club use only, and the rest are for public hirings. The allocation of time can be found  here.

Tennis Club members can use the booking sheet to book courts at any time (including that allocated for public use) provided they have not been booked by someone else.   Members of the public have priority over court time allocated for public use.

Non-members of the Tennis Club can make bookings in time allocated for public use by emailing  Graeme Low ([email protected]) copying the Parish Clerk ([email protected]). Charges for non-Tennis Club members are £10 for a single court or £15 for the whole MUGA.  You should include the following:

  • Date and time (from/to) required
  • Single court or whole MUGA
  • For what activity the court or MUGA will be used

Court 1 is the one closest to the gate (with lines marked for tennis only). Court 2 is the furthest from the gate, with lines marked for tennis, football and netball.