Safeguarding, Diversity and Conduct

All of our members and visitors have the right to feel safe and comfortable at our club. We all have a part to play to ensure this.

Inappropriate, upsetting or dangerous behaviour should never be tolerated.

‘If you see or experience something that does not seem right – tell someone!’

Available to assist are our Welfare Officers, the LTA staff and the NSPCC if necessary. Their contact details are at the bottom of this page.

The LTA and our club have specific policies to prevent such behaviour, particularly in relation to the three categories below:

1. Safeguarding

Although we need to be vigilant to ensure all members and visitors are safe at the club, there are specific guidelines for children.

These are covered in depth on the LTA Site.

  1. Children U13 must not be left alone at the club unless attending a coaching session or summer camp led by our fully qualified Level 3 coach
  2. There is a minimum staff ratio for group coaching
  3. Children 13yrs and over are advised to lock the gate on arrival
  4. Car journeys with children need 2 adults, one with a DBS check
  5. Children needing the toilet should only use the outside facility, having first informed the coach

2. Inclusivity and Diversity

We wish to welcome potential members of all backgrounds and ages and make them feel comfortable. We want our existing members to feel at home. We all have a part to play in making this happen.

Offensive, insensitive, discriminatory or careless remarks which jeopardise will not be tolerated.

Any concerns should be raised - details below. Appropriate action will be taken to prevent any recurrence.

As stated we want to be a warm friendly club, enabling everyone to enjoy their tennis and benefit from their membership of a diverse and integrated club.

3. Conduct

When we enter the club there is an expectation of good behaviour. Tennis is a competitive sport, emotions run high and we are not always at our best. However please observe the following…

Fair play values:

  1. Good sportsmanship, honesty and respect should be shown whether winning or losing
  2. Please take responsibility for your actions, calling scores and line calls clearly and fairly even if it costs you the point

Do not let insensitive or offensive behaviour go unchallenged, whether you experience it yourself or witness it. If you feel you are unable to resolve the issue share your concerns with someone at the club.

You can report to the Welfare Officers or any Committee Member.

Key Contact Details

Welfare Officers

LTA Regional Officers