Reedham Park Reopening

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Reopening of Clubhouse Bar and Toilets

As a move to the gradual reopening of the club house facilities we have now put in place the guidelines for use of the toilets and bar. Other areas of the club house will still be out of action for the time being.

Toilets & Changing Areas

  • Access will be by using your swipe card in the back door following re-enablement of the card reader
  • Only one person at a time should be in the toilet
  • Please wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER using the facilities
  • The hand dryers have been disabled but paper towels are provided in the towel dispensers
  • The changing rooms will remain out of use

Bar & Bar Area

The bar will be re-opened at limited times to accommodate popular sessions on Saturday and Sunday and Thursday when a ‘bar steward’ is attending. Our bar stewards are:

Nigel Trotter, Graham Granger, Roger Dignum, Steve Edwards, Geoff Keen

  • Members using the bar at any session should be recorded in the book available behind the bar.  Date/Name only to be recorded (we already have contact details)
  • Members are requested not to move tables which have been placed in line with social distancing requirements.
  • Members are requested to sit outdoors whenever the weather allows
  • Members are requested to avoid taking a glass if possible
  • The bar stewards ONLY will be allowed behind the bar and will be responsible for cleaning/sanitising of the bar area/lock box/any surfaces, handles touched and also the washing of any glasses used.  The dishwasher is available if needed.
  • Payment will be by card only

If you feel that the numbers of people gathering are becoming too large to reasonably be safe, please behave responsibly and consider whether you should prolong your stay.