Membership Packages

We offer both Annual and Monthly payment options.

Click on link to set up a Direct Debit. (Minimum subscription 12 months).

Senior                                                  £108 per year              £9 per month  

Family                                                 £144 per year               £12 per month 

Unemployed                                        £48 per year                £4 per month

Social Playing                                       £48 per year                £4 per month

Student                                                 £48 per year                 £4 per month

Junior (10-17 years)                             £24 per year                 £2 per month

Cadet  (Under 10 years)                      £12 per year                  £1 per month

ADULT members  are also  'Associate Members' of the Ystradfechan Bowls Club with access to their facilities, including a Licenced Bar, Sky TV and catering facilities.


For more information and help on becoming a member contact the Membership Secretary, John Denton on 07980579504 or via email at