RATC Ladies Singles Box League

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Join the RATC Ladies Singles Box League competition!

After some member requests, we will start a Ladies Singles Box League running for 2 months from July 4th.

The league will be available and managed by a mobile app called 'Scala Sports'. This will allow members to easily contact opponents and record results via their phones. The league is open to members of all levels and is a perfect way to meet others of a similar standard to play friendly competitive matches.

How do I join?

  • Download the free Scala Sports app (iOS or Android)
  • Set up your personal profile and link yourself to Romsey & Abbey Tennis Club
  • Go to Competitions
  • Search and join the competition: RATC – Ladies Singles
  • Once you have joined the competition, you’ll automatically be sent details at the right time.

On the start date of the round, you will receive a notification/email and your opponents will be visible in the app. Let us know if you have any questions/concerns, for specific questions related to the Scala app please reach out to [email protected].

Look forward to seeing you out on the court!