Coronavirus Update (22nd March)

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The LTA has issued updated guidance to venues in response to recent announcements.

"The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has specifically advised us that tennis is one of the best examples of social distancing in practice, and so should be encouraged as long as the guidance permits."

In order to keep the courts open, we are putting in place additional measures to ensure that RATC is a safe exercise environment.  It is essential that ALL members follow these new measures immediately.  Otherwise, we will need to close the courts.

  1. A maximum of 4 players per court at all times (including the coach).
  2. Do NOT turn up to the courts without booking in advance, either for a court or a coaching session.
  3. Do NOT congregate on or around the courts - arrive, go straight on court, play, leave.
  4. Do NOT swap courts - arrange your match beforehand, book the court, stay on the same court.
  5. The club hut is out of bounds except for coaches and session organisers.
  6. No sharing of equipment, food or drinks.

Please note, The Rapids is closed.  We don't know whether TVBC will keep the toilets in the car park open. Best to assume there will be no toilet facilities.

We are stopping all group sessions.  In order to play, you either need to book a court, or book a coaching session.  Please do not turn up without a booking.

Individual and shared coaching (3:1) will continue.  Please contact our Head Coach Mihály ( to arrange.  Some group coaching sessions will convert to shared sessions - please check Programme on Clubspark for details.

We will continue to provide pay-and-play on courts 3 and 4.  This is a condition of our lease with TVBC.

We have implemented restrictions on court bookings to try ensure all members have the opportunity to play.  As one of the few places left open, there may be an increase in bookings from members and non-members.  Unfortunately, we're also aware that some members are bringing guests and not paying the non-member fee.

  • Members may book 1 court, for 1 hour every 2 days, up to 7 days ahead.
  • Pay-and-play may book 1 court, for 1 hour every 4 days, up to 4 days ahead.

All existing bookings from 30th March onwards have been deleted.  All bookings for this coming week have been adjusted accordingly.
NOTE: If you're playing doubles, and you take it in turns to book the court, you can still play 2 hrs of tennis a day!

If you have any concerns or questions, or having problems with booking courts, please don't hesitate to contact me (