Walking Tennis

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First session: Thursday 18th November 2021, 10:30am-midday

The club is introducing a Walking Tennis session to help make tennis more accessible.  This will be a mixed (doubles) session, open and free to all members *.  

Walking Tennis is aimed at those needing a bit more time getting to the ball, with an emphasis on a friendly and social setting.  It involves a number of tweaks to the standard rules for tennis, such as letting the ball bounce twice and no running or jumping.  There's no need for any special equipment - just bring yourself and your racket as normal.  For more details about Walking Tennis, please see

The session will be led by a personal trainer (Christine) to help get it up and running.  Christine will be able to advise members on how to warm up, maintain their mobility (e.g. for those with arthritic conditions), make any adaptations (e.g. for those with injuries) and generally enjoy the session.  This is being funded from the COVID grants received by the club.

To start with, the session will be weekly on Thursday, 10.30am-midday **.  Margaret Twentyman (Mags) has kindly offered to be the point of contact and organiser for the pilot phase.  Please contact [email protected] if interested, or to find out more.   

* Participants will need to complete a readiness questionnaire prior to playing.  Christine (personal trainer) will be able to advise on this.

** We may need to move this to a different day/time as the numbers grow so as not to impact the current Thursday morning Ladies session.