About this course

Wed, 05 Jun - Wed, 17 Jul 2024

16:45 - 17:45

6 - 8 years old





Parrey Amiri


What can you expect?

At the Red stage, children practice to serve (with an overarm throw) rally, and learn to play points. Coaches will help children to develop adaptive skills, coordination, balance & speed. Through basic instruction, children continue to prepare for the game ahead.


LTA Red Plus is for players who are probably more experienced and can hit a forehand, backhand, serve, rally and score. They are also starting to control the ball with a variety of spin.

Need more information?

Coach: Parrey Amiri

Email: chris@southeastlondontennis.com

Phone: 07739 936999

Where to find us

Ladywell Centre Sports Hall
london borough of lewisham, ladywell centre, 148 dressington avenue, london, KENT SE4 1JF

Course unavailable

Course unavailable