Club Policies and Documents

Court Priority Guidelines

Scheduled team matches have priority. Every effort will be made not to arrange matches that clash with club sessions. Play on adjacent courts during matches is not a problem, but coaching or hitting practice with the ball machine is distracting.
During club events and club sessions (social tennis*, juniors and match practice), those taking part are entitled to use the courts of their choice. If a court is already being used, session members are entitled to politely request non-session players to use another court.

 Courts not required by session players, and all courts outside club sessions, are available on a first come, first served basis. If all non-session courts are in use and players are waiting, non-session players are to play one short set (6-5) or use a court for no more than 30 minutes before going to the back of the queue. An exception to this last rule is tournament matches, which may be completed.
No set of rules can cover every eventuality. The Committee looks to members to be flexible and reasonable in their efforts to resolve any court priority problems.
In the club house, on the notice board, there are notices that show court priorities on each day of the week.
Adult  -  Social Tennis Sessions are:

Saturdays  2 pm to 5 pm (Afternoon teas will be reinstated when COVID restrictions allow)
Sundays 2 pm – 5pm (Suspended until COVID restrictions enable)
Tuesdays        9:30am to 11:30 am
Tuesdays 6:30 -8pm (Suspended until COVID restrictions allow)

Junior  - 

Priority Mondays to Thursdays inclusive (except Bank Holidays)  4.00 pm to 6.00 pm Friday Junior Night (supervised)     4.30 pm  to  6.30 pm
Match Practice  Sessions

Monday evening Men’s Team practice    6.30 pm  to  8.30 pm

Wednesday evening Ladies Team practice   6.00 pm  to  8.30 pm

Club Policies and Documents 

1)  Club Rules

2)  Safeguarding Policy  

3)  Diversity and Inclusion Policy

4) Use of Changing Rooms and Showering FacilitiesPolicy

5) Club Code of Practice

6) CCTV and Data Management Policy


*  Social tennis is one of the special features of our club, so it would be appreciated if members of appropriate ability who are present during a social tennis session join in.